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Website Design Bundle crafted to assist Small and Medium Scale Businesses, Startups, and Professionals gain competitive advantage on the internet. This offer is strategically designed to empower your business with a magnetic online presence that helps your business make more profit.


Digital technologies have been at the core of the rapid transformation in global geopolitics and economics. This means businesses that fail to embrace digital technology are at a great disadvantage and may soon go out of business. Most Small Businesses in Nigeria that manage to embrace Digital Technology limit their activities to social media and WhatsApp. But this will not give your business the credibility and visibility that is required to achieve a meaningful and sustainable business result (Lead generation and customer acquisition, brand positioning e.t.c.) in the New Digital Economy. 

A successful Digital Business Model (that is if you have one) is how well people know about your business on the internet and how strong your online presence is. Without that, you may be wasting your hard-earned money on Facebook and Instagram ads without getting the result you want.

The good news is that we have created a complete website design package you can’t find anywhere to help save you stress and money. It will help you create a sustainable and scalable Digital Business Model, and it comes with a fully functional website, social media integration, sales copy, professional social media posts, and business development consultancy to help you develop your mini business plan, buyers persona, and product development to help you create irresistible offers. 

Additionally, we will advertise your website and your “offer” on Facebook and Instagram for three days for free after development is complete.

My name is Emmanuel Okaiwele, Team Leader and Digital Strategy Consultant at Nebitex Digital Consultancy. I offer you a rare opportunity to open a lifelong business relationship with you through this offer. 

The question is, will you “procrastinate” or “take it now”? The first option is too dangerous in today’s business world, and the second option will accelerate your business by 30%

Key benefits for your business when you buy this offer

If you have being struggling to get customers online or gain brand visibility, this web design bundle will increase your chances against the olds.

This offer will help your business or brand to:

  • Increase Brand Visibility Online
  • Attract more customers and quality lead
  • Sell More Products or Services

Extra Bonus

  • One month free maintenance (Valued at $100)
  • Exclusive access to our Strategy Consultant
  • Setup Google My Business Profile
  • FREE SSL Certificate ($10 value)
  • Full cPanel and Domain access
  • Business Development Consultation (Value at $120)

Completely Risk Free (100% Guaranteed)

We are going to make sure you get the result we promised. This is, making your business work online or we refund your money in full with apology for wasting your time and resource.

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